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Marwood Group Research is a registered broker dealer led by senior analysts with extensive healthcare experience who deliver Alpha to our clients by tracking, analyzing and forecasting investment catalysts.

Marwood’s analysis focuses in part on the impact that regulatory, legislative and reimbursement changes can have on industry sectors such as healthcare services, healthcare products and biotech.

Marwood Group Research provides our clients with:

  • Insights and outlooks on regulatory and legislative catalysts, including both short and long-term forecasts
  • Legislative and regulatory developments in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany that can impact the various sectors and sub-sectors within the healthcare industry
  • Analysis which quantifies the impact resulting from federal and state changes associated with health reform in the United States and European Union
  • Outlook of healthcare service reimbursement from commercial health plans, Medicare, Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation
  • Interactive live discussions and conference calls with stakeholders around timely events
  • Conferences in New York and Washington, DC with stakeholders and policy experts
  • To view an abbreviated list of calls and events Marwood has recently hosted, please click here.


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