• The Washington Healthcare Report

    October 2016

    As November approaches, all focus in Washington is on the presidential and down-ballot elections.  Secretary Clinton has led Donald Trump in most polls to this point but has failed to gain consistent separation of the sort she saw immediately following the Democratic National Convention.

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  • Physical and Behavioral Health Integration: Your Investments May Not Be Paying Off

    March 2016

    Shifting toward integrating physical and behavioral health care coordination can curb costs and improve outcomes for providers and payors alike.

  • Regulatory Update: CMS Finalizes 2016 Pricing for New Clinical Lab Fee Schedule

    November 2015

    CMS Finalizes 2016 Pricing for New CLFS: Pricing Revised Upwards From Preliminary Determinations for Some Codes.

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  • UK Comprehensive Spending Review 2015

    November 2015

    Comprehensive spending review outcome supports new models of healthcare, integrated health and social care budget and social care funding devolution…

  • Marwood Group Fact Sheet: French Healthcare

    October 2015

    The current center-left Government in France is leading a wide reform of France’s highly centralized healthcare system.  The state, mainly the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the public health insurance, play a significant role in financing and organizing services.