Market Research

Marwood utilizes a proprietary network of over 100,000 healthcare executives, payers, and providers to gain deep quantitative and qualitative insight into an array of factors that shape the market dynamics of each healthcare sector.  Marwood’s network enables us to obtain a large number of responses in a short time frame from a diverse respondent base, providing financial, clinical/medical, and operational perspectives.  Each project is tailored to specific client needs by targeting questions toward relevant decision-makers and adding commentary and interpretation from seasoned analysts.  Sample projects include:

  • Market studies to score a business relative to the competition and identify attributes of most importance to customers
  • Reimbursement analyses to determine historical and current rates and future rate forecasting across private payers, markets and settings
  • Contracting surveys to show important trends and factors in payer and provider decision-making processes
  • Company specific research identifying risks and opportunities to current and future business


Health Care Advisory