Opportunities In Fertility Services – The Importance Of State-Level Analysis

May 24, 2023

Marwood’s Scott Silberberg MA and Mark Slomiany PhD MBA MPA address state regulatory and commercial payor tailwinds in the fertility space; the first of a two-part series

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Opportunities For Growth And Consolidation In The Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa Market

May 2, 2023

Marwood’s Mark Slomiany, Deborah Freier and Scott Silberberg delineate opportunities in the cosmetic surgery & medspa market, providing perspective on market and regulatory diligence crucial in evaluating individual targets and platforms in the sector.

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Diagnostic Radiopharmacy: Overview And Market Access Considerations

April 5, 2023

Mark Slomiany presents a decision analysis structure for evaluating pass through considerations among novel radiopharmaceutical tracers for PET and SPECT.

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Claims Data Analytics In Target Evaluation: A Case Study in Center-Based Orthopedics

January 5, 2023

Marwood presents its proprietary analytics tool for reimbursement claims analysis through a case study of the outpatient orthopedics space in North Carolina. Deb Frier, Kate Gibson, and Mark Slomiany explores payor mix, rate trends, and geographic variability in reimbursement at the intra-state level.

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Organ Transplantation: 300 Years in the Making

December 8, 2022

Advances in genetics and a better understanding of the immune system have cracked open the door on the potential of animal-to-human transplants. Marwood’s Stephen Williams, Ph.D. and E. Daley Smith explore xenotransplant technology, early clinical testing, and the regulatory outlook for the procedure.

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Healthcare Provider Efficiency In The Spotlight

November 29, 2022

Marwood’s Mark Slomiany explores the opportunities and trends which labor cost-sensitivity may facilitate in healthcare.

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Growth And Consolidation In The Substance Use Disorder Treatment Space

October 19, 2022

Growth in the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment space has brought significant investor interest. Herein, Mark Slomiany and Deb Frier address future tailwinds and challenges to the industry.

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