Legislative Outlook: November 17 CR and Year-End Congressional Priorities, Opportunities for Provider Relief; Landscape for 2024

By November 17, Congress is expected to pass another CR either to year-end, or based on Speaker Johnson’s preference, to January 15 or April 15. While a CR to year-end would offer sufficient time for Congress to line up year-end priorities, Speaker Johnson’s preference for funding the government into 2024 means there would be one fewer legislative vehicle for year-end priorities. Meanwhile, various committees are interested in addressing a number of outstanding health care priorities, as well as measures facing a year-end cliff or expiration. Chiefly, the Senate Finance Committee has unanimously passed out of committee a health care package of PBM legislation, Medicare extenders, and other year-end priorities—including a 1.25% PFS conversion factor adjustment, PAMA lab delay, DSH delay, and DME 75/25 blended rate extension—setting up for deliberation for what will likely be a larger year-end package; the Energy & Commerce held a similar year-end priority markup last month. To discuss the legislative landscape and outlook for provisions to pass this year vs. 2024, Marwood senior analysts Joe Mercer and Mark Galay will host a call on November 14.

Key Topics Include:
  • Provisions expected to pass with November 17 CR
  • Vehicles for year-end legislative priorities; committee markups and landscape for provider fixes (i.e., PFS, PAMA, VA air ambulance rate delay, Marietta fix, PBM reform, DME rate extension, home health, site neutral payments)
  • Legislative health care priorities to watch in 2024
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
11 a.m. ET
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