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We are the leading provider of policy and reimbursement due diligence services to institutional investors that invest in healthcare and social care. Our institutional clients include growth, mid-market, global and pan-European investors who are provided a comprehensive outlook for complex health and social care, legislative, regulatory and reimbursement policies.

Typical Services:

Healthcare Companies

We work with senior executives from major providers of healthcare services, back-office support and healthcare technology to address the most pressing issues facing their businesses with a bespoke approach that fits the need of the specific client and situation.

Typical Services:

Leveraged Finance Providers, Specialty & Commercial Lenders

We work with providers of transaction financing and other lenders in support of the marketing and underwriting of their products with project specific analysis and ongoing consultative support.

Typical Services:

Real Estate Investment Trusts

We work with international and local Real Estate Investment Trusts to understand how the complex healthcare and social care policy, legislative, regulatory and reimbursement environment impacts real estate assets, particularly residential and nursing homes, supported housing and special rehabilitation facilities.

Typical Services:

Asset Managers & Public Equity Investors

Marwood Group Research is a registered broker dealer which advises hedge fund and mutual fund clients on the impact that regulatory, legislative and reimbursement changes can have on industry sectors such as healthcare services, healthcare products and biotech.  By tracking, analyzing and forecasting investment catalysts impacting the holdings of our clients, Marwood assists clients by providing insights and outlook on the short and long-term impact associated with regulatory and legislative changes at both the federal and state level.

Marwood’s institutional clients are assigned a dedicated account manager, provided access to all of Marwood’s senior analysts and policy professionals, and invited to participate in interactive live discussions, conference calls and events with stakeholders around timely events, in addition to receiving all of Marwood’s research notes covering industry catalysts.  Marwood works with hedge funds and mutual funds through retainer relationships and participates in client broker/research voting processes.

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